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Vanden Dool is the product of many things: a formal musical background, a love for electronic and alternative bands, the aching impatience of growing up in a small city, and a defiance against the rural-minded Albertan landscape. Each song reflects all of these things and more with sweeping synthetic sounds, catchy choruses and relentlessly melancholic lyrics.

Born and raised in Lethbridge, Ty Vanden Dool began recording under his surname during his studies in the University of Lethbridge's Digital Audio Arts program. After graduating and building up a body of work and a live solo setup, Vanden Dool began to pursue his musical career in earnest, beginning with 2019's self-titled album: a collection of recently recorded (and re-recorded) songs that made chart appearances on several Canadian campus radio stations and a bit of praise from indie blogs. This was supported by tour shows across Canada including an opening slot for Vancouver post-punkers Actors in Calgary.

In 2020, in the middle of the unexpected chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vanden Dool released The View from Here, an EP themed around his growing discontent toward living in Lethbridge, once again making campus chart appearances and earning a fair share of positive press especially for the songs "Small-Town City" and "Rust on the Train Bridge", including BuzzMusic ("from its spirited melody to its comforting lyrics, Vanden Dool has a timeless sound") and Obscure Music ("Infectious, shimmering qualities throughout").

In 2021 Vanden Dool finally made the move to Calgary, but not without first recording one last pair of songs that would result in the single "You Will Not Love Me Forever", featuring fellow Lethbridge-based artist Makiisma on violin and backing vocals. The single was released in the winter of 2022 and was greeted with quotes such as, "unique electronic work, always well trimmed and very particular" (You, Me Dancing) and "another hugely potent track that will surely hit the hearts of many" (Jammerzine). This was soon followed with a very special performance: opening for Thierry Larose at Montreal's Club Soda, both artists' first-ever performance on a theatre stage.

This year, Vanden Dool hopes to continue the momentum with his sophomore album Poverty and Pop Culture, a reflection on what seem to be the two most dominant factors of his life and the world surrounding him.

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