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Born and raised on the windswept prairie hills of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, Ty Vanden Dool would be more expected to gravitate toward the worlds of country or hard rock, but instead he turned to a very different one: the world of synth-pop and indie. Since 2014, in the middle of his studies in the University of Lethbridge's Digital Audio Arts program, he has been recording and improving upon his particular blend of old aesthetics and modern technology within the genres under his surname and slowly gained a local following.

Vanden Dool's official self-titled debut album was released in 2019, a compilation of what he considered some of his best work at the time (with some re-recordings along the way), which entered the top 20 on several campus radio stations across Canada and was described by Divide and Conquer as "an electronic based sound doused with fresh air". After touring across the country on the album's back, Vanden Dool followed up with a mid-pandemic release in the form of the 2020 EP The View from Here. A semi-concept collection of songs about his hometown, the EP once again made several campus radio charts including Earshot's National Top 10 Electronic Albums, alongside praise from Cups N Cakes ("a high-energy, explosive synth-pop sound with a unique storyteller energy") and BuzzMusic ("Vanden Dool has a timeless sound") among others.

Last fall, Vanden Dool wrapped up production on a two-song single: "You Will Not Love Me Forever", his most collaborative official release yet with backing vocals and violin by fellow Lethbridge-originated artist Makiisma. In the aftermath of moving to Calgary and despite an uncertain future for live music, Vanden Dool is now ready to release this melancholic pair of songs just in time for Valentine's Day.


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